Quotes and Truss Design

We offer truss quotes at no obligation. If your job is a simple one, such as a garage, we just need basic information such as the building size, roof pitch, and overhangs. If your project is something more complicated, such as a house, you will need to send us your plan.

You can e-mail us a pdf of your plan (our preferred method), or drop it in the mail to our address. Or contact us to see if we might be in your area; we may be able to stop by and pick up a copy of your plan. We prefer to work with full scale (1/4″ = 1′) plans. If no other method works for you, faxing is a last resort.  Because of poor image quality with faxing, we don’t consider it a good option in the digital age.

Once we receive your plan, one of our designers will begin a layout of your house on our computer. If you emailed us a pdf of your plan, we will overlay it onto the layout we create to ensure that our layout is identical to your house plan.


See me before you build me!

3-D brings your project to life

Our engineering software renders an interactive 3-D view of the project, which helps us identify any problem areas. Customers who have trouble envisioning their project in 3-D, are always welcome to review it in our office. Alternatively, we can e-mail you a link to a fully interactive, web-based 3-D rendering of your project for your PC or handheld device.


I'm a virtual drone flying over a virtual house on a real screen!

Being able to zoom into any area of your own project, on your own device, anywhere you choose, is truly one of the benefits of living in the digital age. We highly recommend you take advantage of this free service, as it gives you the ability to catch mistakes and helps eliminate miscommunication. The truss profile you see is what you will get.

Once the layout is complete, we design each truss individually in our Truss Design software. This is where we find out if we can actually engineer the roof plan as designed by the architect/draftsman. Usually we can. If there are design elements that make it impossible to engineer the trusses as the plan shows, we will contact you with the best options to make the design work.


Sample layout

Once the layout is done and all the trusses pass engineering, we can produce a quote. The quote will include a preliminary layout if the job was designed in our layout program. (Simple garage trusses, for instance, do not require a layout)

At delivery, (or sooner, if requested) we provide the finalized color layout, which is only different from the preliminary layout in that it includes all truss spacing dimensions, hanger labels, and notes for the job.


Floor Trusses

Engineered Floor Systems

Floor trusses have become a staple in a building industry that values engineering and quality. Floor trusses will cost more than traditional framing or I-joists, but have the following advantages:
• Longer span tolerances at any given height means a more open basement, without unsightly posts and beams.
• Designs allow for in-floor duct work and plumbing to make a cleaner looking finished basement ceiling.
• They work in tandem with the engineered roof system of the home to ensure that loads are properly transferred from the roof to the foundation.


Roof Trusses

Engineered Roof Systems

We manufacture the highest quality trusses in the business. Each truss we build is engineered for all the loading criteria necessary at its specific location. We only build designs that are approved and sealed by our engineers. We do our own custom designs in-house. Whether you need scissor trusses, attic trusses, ag trusses, a spread-web design, or just a set of common garage trusses, we can meet your needs.


Some foundations are more complicated than others

Foundation Measurement

While we prefer for the customer to verify foundation dimensions, we are willing to assist in the process when necessary. Floor trusses allow for less dimensional variation, and it is critical that the foundation dimensions be verified before the trusses are manufactured.


Another happy set of trusses. 

Jobsite Delivery

We deliver to your job site with our roll-off trailers. Make room for the trusses at a spot accessible by a semi and trailer. If you want to pick up the trusses at our shop, we will load them for you and waive delivery fees.

Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors

We use Simpson Strong-tie for our engineering software, truss plates, and all truss hangers and tie-downs. We stock Simpson connectors that are common to trusses, and can order in any other Simpson connectors or fasteners within a few days. Contact us for pricing and availability.

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