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About us

Country Truss, LLC began as a family venture in the Spring of 2004. After more than 15 years in business, we are still a family-owned and operated company. Our business is based in rural Beaver Crossing, NE. We service a broad area, focusing mainly on the eastern third of Nebraska. Our goal is to provide the highest quality product, with the best customer service available at reasonable prices.

Dave and Loretta Burkey

As the principal business owner, Dave has the final say on all major business decisions. Loretta’s work is always behind the scenes, doing things like helping with tax preparation. If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to receive cinnamon rolls from Country Truss, Loretta was the chief architect and manufacturer of them.

Gabriel Burkey

Gabriel (Son) manages the day-to-day operations of the truss shop. His duties include designing and quoting trusses, keeping the bookwork up to date, managing inventory, and doing most of the deliveries. When you call us, most likely Gabriel will answer the phone.

David Miller

David (Son in law) is invaluable as our design technician, IT professional, and all around computer guru. He makes sure our systems are operating smoothly and everything is backed up safely and securely. His duties also include optimizing designs, finalizing cut lists, and managing shop production. In addition, he is deadly accurate with a 6-bladed component saw!

Our Crew members

The rest of our crew works in the shop, cutting, assembling, and pressing trusses. We have a great group of guys who work hard at production. The materials we use are selected carefully by our crew members to ensure that we produce a top notch product. Just because a board is stamped MSR 1650 doesn’t mean we will automatically throw it into a top chord. It’s got to pass the eyeball test (straightness) and the quality test (no disqualifying cracks, wane, etc).

Our guys do a great job at turning out quality trusses. We take pride in producing the best, because we know it’s what our customers expect.

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