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We are located in Beaver Crossing, NE. We service all of Nebraska and to some extent the surrounding states. If you are outside our service area, you may still feel free to contact us. Be advised however, that we may choose not to ship outside our service area.

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It is our first preference to work with local lumberyards on every project. Yet we realize that’s not always a practical or realistic business model in this day and age. We are a small family-operated business and can’t afford to turn work away just because we’d rather sell only through lumberyards.

People often believe they will save money by buying trusses directly. This isn’t necessarily true since lumberyards receive a volume discount. We value our relationships with our lumberyards, and will never intentionally undercut them. Fair warning, you will earn no friends by attempting to get prices both through a lumberyard, and directly from us.

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