Tools and Resources

The following collection of Builder Resources and Industry Documents are provided for your convenience. Understand that these resources and tools are industry-standard guidelines, and are not necessarily engineer approved for every situation.

Download our (printable) Floor Truss span chart

Download our (printable) Roof Truss Terminology pdf

We recommend that our customers take full advantage of the information available in the JOBSITE Packages we provide upon truss delivery. We don’t just provide these documents to support the logging industry. They are industry standards and guidelines provided by the Structural Building Components Association. A wealth of information is available on the SBCA’s website as well,

Following are some links you may find helpful.

This is a link to Mitek’s website, and some engineering details for things such as bracing details, valley details, piggyback details, toe-nail details…

For some time we had SBCA documents in pdf form that you could open directly on our site. Fortunately, the folks at SBCA have all these documents in one place on their site. Going there to look at them ensures you will always find the most up-to-date information available. Here is the link to their documents which cover any installation, handling, or bracing question you could have.

A lot of information about piggyback truss bracing (info is dated, but pertinent)

As always, if you have any questions about proper bracing, handling, or installation of trusses we’ve provided, be sure to contact us and we will make sure you have the information needed to correctly and safely handle, install, and brace trusses.

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